Marlies is one of a group of 4 friends from the Netherlands who joined me for a 12-night safari in August. We had a lot of fun together and I remember plenty of amusement and laughter. Luangwa was fantastic over those two weeks and we enjoyed great sightings. But, as you see, Marlies’s priority was also beautiful photos! She very kindly wrote a few words about their trip.

On August 5th we started a twelve day photographic safari. This trip was organized and guided by Edward Selfe.

From day one, we had an amazing time. Edward not only showed us the beauty from South Luangwa, specially the Nfesu aerea, he was also a very entertaining talker about wildlife.

As real wildlife lovers we already made several safari trips and every trip we made pictures. But this time we came home with different photos, because Edward learned us not only to focus on the animal(s) but also use the environment and especially to use the light. He learned us to use the right settings and explained why to use them. The result of these lessons is fantastic!

So if you love wildlife and photography I recommand you to open and you will see what we mean!