I have been living and working in the Luangwa Valley since 2009. I hold both of South Luangwa’s coveted guiding qualifications, reflecting my love for the bush, its inhabitants and the pleasure of being immersed in wild places.

My safaris combine an authentic wildlife experience with excellent photographic guidance, tuition and opportunities.

I live in the bush year-round so I see the seasons come and go, and watch the annual cycle of desperate dry and lush green. This also gives me a unique, long-term perspective on Zambia, its wildlife and its communities.

When choosing a photographic safari in Africa, the range of options can be daunting. By landing on this site, you are already getting closer to choosing from world-class safari destinations, with many advantages over better-known safari parks.

You have also found a safari guide with many years’ experience both as a guide and a photographer. Read on to find out more about why you should choose a photo safari with Edward Selfe.



For my Scheduled Tours, I hand-pick a selection of tried-and-tested camps that have repeatedly given me wonderful game sightings and a rich overall safari experience. I also build bespoke tours for guests, and you will find remaining spaces on these trips listed under Custom Tours.



“Zambia was the trip of a lifetime. Without doubt my best holiday ever. I still can’t believe what we saw. And the pictures I took. Those early (early early) mornings: where you switched off and we waited to hear something. The days when we thought maybe today there’s nothing much, but there always was. Your incredible bush knowledge. Just loved every moment”.
– Denise, RSA



Guest Report: Jeremy Richards | Emerald Season Luangwa | Robin Pope Safaris | May 2024

05/06/2024|Guest Reports|

Jeremy Richards joined me on safari in May to explore the Emerald Season in South Luangwa. From his Instagram page and his website it's clear that he is an accomplished photographer who has travelled [...]



Ed is truly an excellent teacher and guide. When on safari with him, expect to learn a lot. Certainly, photography approaches and techniques in various scenarios. But also, insightful observations about animal behavior, biology, ecology, conservation. A much more complete safari experience than merely going from sighting to sighting to sighting.

Ed is a keen observer. Distress calls, alert animal behaviors, spatial pattern breaks. And he’s a good teacher in articulating how these all fit together – he can predict what animals (lions, leopards, painted dogs, etc) might do next, where likely they will subsequently go, what behavior to expect. At minimum, he positions the safari jeep for taking good photos. More importantly, he lets you experience, just a little bit, what it feels like to be in that environment: predators, prey, flora, terrain all inter-connected.

Plus, Ed is such fun company. A truly nice person, easy to be with, the right kind of curious.

Alex Bajamonde
Anyone with any interest in wildlife photography or African animal sightings could not do any better than a trip with Ed. We have had four trips to Africa, three with him and all have been amazing. His expertise in finding the best spots for sightings/photography in various locations around Africa are second to none. Accommodation and staff at the camps was exceptional.
Allan Semmler

Edward Selfe is an excellent safari guide and photographer. He is dedicated to his craft and the country – indeed, he and his family live near the South Luangwa National Park. Edward has the skill to find the best photographic opportunities and coaches those who need assistance. The camps he chose for our trip were excellent and our animal sightings were wonderful, including elephants in one camp!

The Tippler

We had already for the third time a wunderfull and exited photosafari in Zambia with Ed. With his humor and experiences he takes, if you want, lots of time to help you out to make the right photos. Of course all based on your needs, equipment, position and situations.

Wil Vermeesch

I have been on safari several times in different African countries, but never on a bespoke photo safari, so after extensive research I decided to go on a photo safari in the South Luangwa National Park with Edward Selfe. Ed is both a great guide and photographer, with a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience. I was particularly impressed that he always knew how to provide us with special moments and photo opportunities and at the same time always made sure that nature and wildlife were respected and protected. We always had enough time to observe animals, take photos and wait and see how situations developed.

With a lot of patience and his skills as a guide, he tracked down leopards, for example, explored the birdlife of the Luangwa Valley with us and taught us new photographic techniques or the best camera setup. Even as an experienced (sports) photographer there was plenty to learn for me. I am very happy that I was able to go on this trip with Ed and will certainly go on safari with him again in the future.

In fact, the next trip is already being planned 🙂 I can’t wait to be back in Zambia and can’t recommend Ed highly enough as a photo safari guide. If you are planning a photo safari, then you should definitely consider doing it with Ed!

Marco Kost

Edward Selfe is an amazing safari guide, photographer and host. He has an incredible understanding of the wildlife and their environment, then uses that knowledge to determine the best possible locations for both photography and game viewing. He assists with camera settings, composition and photographic techniques on sightings and then back at camp he makes himself available to review and critique photographs and provide tips on workflow and post processing.

Not only is Edward a pleasure to safari with, each safari is planned around his guests – the safari areas, the types of camps, comfort levels etc. He communicates with the camp operators to ensure we get the most out of our safari time, be it vehicles, early starts to make the best use of light and breaksfast in the bush.

I look forward to travelling on safari with Edward again in the future.

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