I recently took a safari to the Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa National Park. We were searching for Wild Dogs which are regularly seen in that area but they evaded us that day – such is life in the bush. Nevertheless, there was plenty else to see and the recent cloudy days had removed much of the haze from the atmosphere making the plains areas into a vast vista that we normally can’t enjoy.

In an endless line, 800 buffalo were making their way from the plains to the river to drink – without any trees to climb or rocks to use as a vantage point, it was hard to portray their numbers, so I settled for placing them alongside a tree, which is how I remember it – a static tree with hundreds of buffalo filing past.

Some observant giraffes led us to a pair of male lions who were resting in the shade of a tree. The lions didn’t even raise their heads, but the giraffes stood close by apparently transfixed by the large predators.

At the edge of the plain, a lone bull elephant marched towards us and passed very close.