The rainy season is full of life: baby impalas, colourful birds and fat, healthy-looking antelopes. But there are other types of life that aren’t so attractive: bugs, an explosion in the numbers of scorpions and centipedes…..and some very frustrating bird songs!

It seems churlish to say it, but there are some birds that have a call so repetitive, insistent and loud, that it begins to grate the nerves a little. One such bird is the Woodland Kingfisher, a forest-dwelling insectivore with a very loud voice. These birds have rather an unimaginitive “chit…….cheoeoeoeooeo” descending rapidly throughout the second part. What’s more, there is just enough delay between the first part of the call and what follows, that you listen up every time, just in case it might not complete the call…..but then it does…..every time! Just as well they’re beautiful then!