This warthog appears not to have checked inside its burrow before reversing in for the night! Perhaps it was startled and rushed to seek refuge in its hole, but found that the hole was still being used by a porcupine avoiding the heat of the day! These spines had been driven deep into the flesh, suggesting that the pig was moving quite fast when it came into contact with the spiky rodent!

Porcupines, civets, genets, aardvarks, hyaenas and warthogs all use underground burrows as refuges at different times of the day and year. They are not necessarily territorial about their burrows so can share with other creatures, one taking the day shift and one the night. Warthogs are unusual in that they reverse into their burrows, keeping their tusks pointed outwards, ready to repel attackers! In this way, the warthog didn’t see the porcupine and ended up with spines in its rump!