Wow, it’s beautiful out there! The bush is in its most fantastic period of the rains. The grass is long and straight, making gorgeous patterns and the greenery has dulled slightly from the lurid hue that dominated back in December.

Everything is full of life; elephants are happily munching mouthfuls of grass, impala calves are growing in strength and bound relentlessly around, and there are insects, bugs, flies and crawling creatures everywhere you look! Not ideal for some, but all part of the cycle of energy transfers between the bottom of the food chain and those higher up.

The most beautiful part of the afternoon was right at the end, when we were rushing to get home and put my daughter to bed and we spotted this pair of Fish Eagles resting together on a dead branch. If the rains is about anything, it’s about the time to relax and spend time with important people.

Else you can lie low and hide in the long grass!

Have a great weekend!