In a perennial lagoon in the central area of the South Luangwa National Park, a certain crocodile has learned how to hunt antelope from the shallow water of his muddy lagoon.

Each year, when the lagoon starts to dry up, narrow channels appear towards the edges, which have been used by hippos when entering and emerging from the lagoon. These long, deep channels are a perfect hiding place for a crocodile. With diminishing water sources elsewhere in the area, more and more antelope converge on the waterhole, and the crocodile is waiting for them.

As this series of images shows, the attack comes from a well-concealed position and is terrifyingly fast. This time round, the antelopes escaped, but soon enough the crocodile will get lucky. Watch this space for updates….

Crocodile attacks impalas on photo safari with edward selfe in south luangwa national park.