Getting images published in a magazine or a book is always a goal of photographers. It’s a thrill to see them in print, and there’s the associated accolade of someone else having deemed your image(s) good enough to be committed to print. In the modern days where nearly everything is online, anyone can ‘publish’ anything. This has certainly made marketing to a global audience dramatically easier, but it has also reduced the lifespan of images as they are viewed and then forgotten in seconds.

Travel Africa Magazine thinks somewhat differently about marketing the African continent. They have an online presence, of course, but their core product, an excellent quarterly magazine, is still available in print form. I wholeheartedly agree with this decision and – even though I get an e-version in advance as all advertisers do – I still wait for the hard copy before diving into the excellent long-content that fills the pages.

Image of elephant in the forest south luangwa by edward selfe.

I’m therefore very happy to have one of my favourite images, shot in South Luangwa in 2014, displayed on a double spread at the beginning of Edition 92 the magazine. Anyone who has been to the South Luangwa will recognise the mature forest, the epic light and the beauty of the scene. I’m really pleased that my image, as an ambassador for this wonderful wildlife area, is immortalised in the pages of a quality magazine.

Followers of my blog are all Africa-addicts and big supporters of Nature. Travel Africa Mag is a huge advocate for both….and a subscription (either an e-Sub through Magzter or in print via their website) is well worthwhile. Hope you enjoy it, and look out for more of my photos soon!

Image of elephant in the forest south luangwa by edward selfe.

PS – there’s nothing in it for me by promoting this magazine – I just really appreciate their quality content, the professionalism of the organisation and their dedicated promotion of the African continent. During COVID, we have also seen their compassionate and collaborative energy, which has certainly been appreciated by the whole industry.