I was out yesterday morning, and enjoyed some great sightings with a group of bull elephants as they crossed the river. Unfortunately, the memory card that I had installed became corrupted so I don’t have any of those photos!! (I have since re-formatted it and it’s behaving normally, but it’s a reminder of the confidence that we place in that small chip. I always suggest using large numbers of smaller-capacity cards – this reduces losses in the case of a corrupted card.)

Luckily, that card was nearly full when I set out, but the second card in the camera was clean, so the photos from the second half of the sighting are OK, and here is a small selection.

Elephant bulls often wrestle as part of their social interactions. This is usually good-natured, but occasionally turns more serious when bulls are evenly matched and neither feels dominant. There was nothing but gentle play between these two however.

Leaving them, I found a couple of giraffes sparring gently. It seems the cool weather has encouraged these guys to stay active later in the morning, feeding, going for water and practicing their jousting!