So here they are, in no particular order.

A female kudu and a couple of calves study us as we shuffle in the vehicle to settle cameras onto beanbags.

Crossing in front of a grove of African Ebonies, a mother and calf head for better feeding grounds.

From heavily sagging teats, we knew this lioness was caring for cubs somewhere nearby. Knowing that the outcome of her hunts would impact directly on her cubs, we took a few photos and left her in peace.

Cookson’s Wildebeest are endemic to the Luangwa but they eluded us for most of the week. Often found in beautiful areas of grassland with broken trees, we had to settle for this lone bull in amongst the thickets. At least he stood to study us before running for cover.

On our last evening, a porcupine rushed across in front of us. Knowing the light was too low for a sharp image, I visualised a monochrome blurred shot, with just enough detail to identify the species.

One of the Laungwa’s reliable beautiful sunsets out on the open plains at Lion Camp.

A Kudu cow is alerted by a group of warthogs running for cover at our approach. The dusk light falling across her face made for a nice portrait.

A ‘rush’ of Guinea Fowl on their way to water!

The Mwamba Pride enjoying a recently killed buffalo.

A dramatic river scene with a herd of buffalo churning up the dust on their way to drink.

Hippos at work.

Two old ‘Kakulis’ (buffalo bulls in the local dialect) trying to identify us from our scent.

With an Oxpecker working on his back, this Greater Kudu bull caught the evening light perfectly.

One of several Ebony forests around Lion Camp.

Using the light of another vehicle’s spotlight, we tried to get a correct exposure for this leopard who was heading for the river.

Startled by our arrival, this Puku ran to join the rest of the herd. We were ready to capture his flight.

Having settled down again, they eyed us suspiciously as we set up our table for a tea-break.

Having drunk from the river, this youngster lay down and allowed us time to work out how to expose for areas of bright white against a sea of black!

With their customary bouncy walk, this musth bull approached us through a gully. We took a few snaps and then gave him some space!

A hungry lone lioness tried to take on a small group of female buffalos with their two calves, but was repelled by this bull who chased her across the sand. Better luck with smaller prey perhaps.

Hitching a ride on a giraffe’s back, this Oxpecker gapes to lose heat in the evening sunshine.