Conservation South Luangwa and the Zambia Carnivore Programme are NGOs, based in Mfuwe, who do invaluable work for the protection and conservation of the Luangwa Valley. I rate both organisations highly and was very pleased to be asked to join the board of CSL at the end of last year.

They work closely together to protect the wildlife resources that this area is dependent on and do so in a considered, educated and thoughtful way. It’s a pleasure to do photographic work for them.

You can read more about their activities on their websites, but here is a snapshot through some photos.

After darting a lion, the ZCP team change her radio collar and inspect her teeth.

Scanning for their radio collars, the team home in on a nearby lion pride.

Having caught up with two of the area’s large males, ZCP record data about their condition and behaviour.

They sometimes follow lions to observe their hunts, and learn more about their success rates, and prey choice.

Detection dogs, operating under the umbrella of CSL provide roadblock teams with quick and accurate detection of illegal wildlife products.

Within a few moments, the dogs will indicate to their handler whether the vehicle contains something that should be investigated further.

The handlers guide the dogs to show them which areas to search.

It’s great to see the strong bond between dogs and handlers.

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