On our first morning out, monkey calls led us to ‘Alice’ the most famous leopardess in Luangwa. I wondered idly how many thousands (millions?) of shutter clicks she has heard in her life… She has two cubs (which were not in evidence) so she’s always on the hunt at the moment, and chooses to do so to avoid scavengers.

Playing with low-level shots with a herd of obliging zebras was a joy.

Along the river, tensions were fraying as the water levels drop. These two were pulling some WWF-style moves on each other, but there was rather more blood and real rage in this encounter.

A pride of lions were resting in the shade after eating a puku, but the cubs were (as always) busy. This little one was interested in hunting a Ground Hornbill which passed by!

A large buffalo bull was illuminated by a shaft of bright light early one morning.

And one evening, we spotted a Sharpe’s Grysbok in the light – not commonly seen, and rarely photographed (apart from their rumps which are in many of my photos).

A zebra foal stood around redundantly while the adults fed nearby.

Once the light dropped, we enjoyed some time with a pride of lions which had killed a buffalo and were taking turns to go to the lagoon for water.

This one was so beautiful that I’m including another image!

And she just kept coming closer.

The cubs followed, but this one seems to have left his monocle behind.

And after water, it was time to sit down and not do too much!

Heading home again, we met a very confiding Bushy-tailed Mongoose who posed in all positions before running for cover.