I’ve just finished a fantastic 3-day photo safari with a group of guests from Germany. Apart from being good fun, they enjoyed some great photo opportunities, and got some fantastic pictures.

Here is a selection of mine, in no particular order.

A stunning leopard who we watched for an hour on our first evening.

A White-crowned Plover who trotted around our vehicle showing off his ridiculous yellow wattles.

A Great White Egret who posed in the morning sunlight for us.

These Guinea fowl were very nervous while approaching the river (they’re an hors d’oeuvre for crocodiles) but soon settled down and drank deeply.

And on a stormy afternoon, this impala ran across a plain towards us allowing me to do some slow shutter panning shots.

Earlier that same afternoon, we found a Fish Eagle perched on a Sausage Tree alongside a lagoon. I loved the contrast between the bright green leaves and the dark blue sky.

At a small spring, we can across a pair of Saddle-billed Storks, who were hunting for fish and frogs.

These impalas had gone for a drink along the river and we enjoyed playing with different compositions in the golden light.

Our last morning was probably the best of all, as we found this female leopard up in a tree.

She came down and drank from a small puddle right next to our vehicle (3m away!) so we all had to switch lenses to fit her in. This taken with my 300mm (I didn’t have anything shorter with me!).

We found a Giant Kingfisher hunting from the top of the bank.

And finally, just before arriving at camp, I saw some vultures hitting the ground in the distance. We drove over and found them feasting on this young impala. The impala showed signs of having been eaten from the back end, so we assume that a leopard had killed it and then lost out on the kill to opportunistic vultures. It was quite a sight as they ripped into the carcass, finishing it off in minutes.