Before I became a guide, and even alongside my guide role, I was in charge of maintenance at Flatdogs Camp where I worked for 5 years, so it’s nice to put that hat on again!

But I’ve also been doing some practical training to build on my photographic skills. I’ve worked with flash guns before, but always had limited success. They are fantastic tools but without a base of knowledge, they are scarily complex and unpredictable. Along comes the Internet and there are suddenly fantastic learning resources to be found.

I am happy to plug two particular sites which I have learned from:

The Strobist ( is an excellent resource, written in plain English with practical examples to back up the wording. There are two workshops (101 and 102) which lead you through from beginner to advanced. Highly recommended for anyone hoping to improve their understanding of flash photography.

A more real-world website is written by Neil van Niekerk, a South African who now lives in NJ, USA. His profession is Wedding Photography, but the principles can be applied anywhere. You can read his blog here

I will be putting up some of my flash photos soon, so watch out for them.