It give me great pleasure to share links to my guests’ images and videos from the Botswana safari that I led in May 2022. While I always make sure that my safaris are a wildlife experience first and foremost, I work hard to get the vehicle in the right position, give accurate advice on camera settings and offer pointers on composition ideas too. To see all these factors being combined into great images makes me really happy!

My safaris are not a camera class, and the high-speed, exciting and often once-in-a-lifetime nature of safari sightings is not a suitable place to learn how to use a camera. However, with a lot of their own prior practice, and guidance from me, my guests create images that they should be (and are!) really proud of. In many instances, I wish I also had that shot – great job!

I hope you enjoy Kathy & Gordon’s video compilation, and Don’s website portfolio just below that.

Images of wildlife from photo safari with edward selfe